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The 3rd Annual “Librarian Trainers’ International Conference” is dedicated to the impact and the sustainability of training activities in Romanian public libraries and will take place between December 10-12, 2012, in the beautiful region of Valea Prahovei, Romania.

“Training at the Public Library: Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability” is the theme of this year’s Conference – a part of the events for, with and about librarian trainers in Romania – that will bring together more than 100 librarian trainers from all county libraries.

The Conference is organized by IREX Romania and the Training Working Group and, besides librarian trainers, it will include managers of Romanian public libraries, representatives of the National Association of Public Libraries and Librarians in Romania (ANBPR), staff from the Training Department at IREX Romania and other special guests.

Discussions and team work will try to make a substantial contribution to the professional growth of Romanian librarian trainers and are centered around the goal of finding ideas and solutions that would eventually ensure the sustainability of training activities in public libraries after the end of the Romanian Global Libraries Program – “Biblionet”. Participants will benefit from:

  • Motivational ideas and best practices
  • Relevant analysis
  • Quality training created by librarian trainers
  • The opportunity to learn from the best colleagues’ experience
  • The chance to discover new opportunities, new partners and support in the private sector.

The 2 days of meetings and debate will see 5 main plenary sessions and 10 simultaneous workshops, an Idea Fair and a special evening dedicated to all guests.

The purpose of plenary sessions is to provide participants with a vision over the sustainability of training processes as part of “Biblionet” by showcasing the trends in everchanging training of adults, success stories, examples of shared projects and training sessions, ideas and examples of international partnerships and funding, as well as best practices of colleagues from Global Libraries countries that will be invited at the Conference.

Workshops will be targeted at developing training abilities and techniques that are essential to trainers, as well as at finding solutions for accrediting Training Centers inside libraries, through interactive workshops that will benefit from some of the best trainers’ experience. The area of interest of those involved will be debated on and consequently promoted to all participants at the Conference.

The Idea Fair is meant to highlight the accomplishments of Training Centers in county libraries. Training for librarians and community members, partnerships, opportunities of interaction and exchange of best practices, fortifying trainers’ network, stimulating creativity and developing participants’ abilities- all this will be a contribution for long term, mutual benefit.

We will work together in searching the best ideas and solutions for making sure the transformation of the public library will include a sustainable training process as well as for reinstating librarian trainers’ commitment at the end of previous Conferences: “As a group we can generate ideas, together we can make our voice heard and our actions more visible”.




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  1. how many libraries are there in Romania
    thank you

    Scris de Aideen Shanley | martie 20, 2013, 3:26 pm
    • Hy, Aideen Shanley!

      In Romania there are approximately 2,876 libraries in 41 counties. Of these, 89% are small institutions located in rural areas.

      Scris de Margareta Tatarus | martie 20, 2013, 5:07 pm

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