2012 Librarian Trainers Intl. Conference: Expectations fulfilled – happy participants

95% of participants found the 2012 Conference to be very good to excellent.

The opinion of more than 80% of participants is that the expectations related to Conference objectives were met to a high and very high extent.

Almost half of those who submitted the feedback form stated that international guests brought a valuable contribution to a high extent.

As for the Conference logistics, participants found it to be very good and excellent, with only one answer saying it was good.

Of the given answers, it was concluded that Speed Training was appreciated by a thorough majority (97%) as a suitable type of session for a Conference (only one answer indicated it to be satisfactory), followed closely by both the Idea Fair and the Unconference sessions (90%). Almost 80% of submitters found that the session on Sources for Resources (Funding) was useful.

While analyzing the utility criterion of information presented in Speed Training, it was obvious that the preferred session was the one assigned to Interpersonal Communication – Stages of Evolution, held by Nicu Zegheanu (95%), followed by Improvisation, by Bogdan Grigore (90%), and by “Difficult” Participants, by Ovidiu Petre Ana (83%) and Training Needs Analysis, by Melinda Bedö (60%).

“What did you most like about this event?”

I liked the warmth in the people I interacted with as well as their will to share the training experience they have developed- one that has brought much satisfaction over time. And this is the most important thing- being able to do what we like and doing it with devotion and the trust that we can really do something to help our communities. Each participant can leave such a special event with full of knowledge and skills, both on a professional and personal level, and this leads straight to growth” – Ionela Panait, “Dinicu Golescu” County Library, Argeș;

The fact that librarians from all over Romania are invited in the same place and get to share their experience” – Vlăduț Andreescu, “Ion Heliade Rădulescu” County Library, Dâmbovița;

What I most liked was the fact that librarian trainers from all over the country were personally involved in bringing a contribution to the success of the Idea Fair and one could feel this in the warm atmosphere that was created. In general terms, participants seemed to be truly involved in everything that happened during the Conference” – Carmen Drăgoi, “Ovid Densușianu” County Library,  Hunedoara – Deva;

It is rather difficult to say what I most liked as the event was packed with interesting presentations, we heard many outstanding ideas and I met a lot of special friends from Romanian public libraries. With Christmas time less than two weeks away, the evening when we got to socialize felt like a family reunion” – Loredana Stanciu,  “Nicolae Iorga” County Library, Ploiești;

On top of the general opinion was the relaxed atmosphere created by both organizers and participants, the involvement of the Training Working Group in the actual organization and the presentations provided by the teams of librarian trainers from each of the geographical regions of Romania during the Idea Fair. Lots of interesting ideas and promotional materials; colleagues from Moldova gave a thorough list of the many training sessions they offer in their libraries, librarian trainers from Constanța were happy to show a printed leaflet of feedback given by participants in their trainings, while the trainers from Vrancea underlined the craftsmanlike, artistical approach in promoting Biblionet activities.

There were many inspiring presentation methods, with the original show by the group from the central region being highly appreciated. The socializing game proposed by organizers, both “adequate and entertaining”, was also preferred by participants.

Librarian trainers in the audience also liked the stories that were told by the special guests, as well as the relevance of rural librarians’ work and the impact it has inside their community. It was also important that librarian trainers who are not part of the Biblionet program were allowed to take part in the event.

The Conference, as a whole, was similar to eating a fruit one likes. When one is done with it, one feels content and it’s impossible to say which bite tasted better.

“Please briefly describe how you have used or will use some of the topics at the Conference in your daily activity”:

Some people wrote nothing, others have not still got the chance to apply some of the skills, while others have already shared information with their fellow librarians;

While performing my duties, I will use everything I learned at the Conference, but I have not had the chance to use it yet. // – I learned much useful information from colleagues at the Conference and it will be valuable in my training sessions. All the sessions were useful. // – Too little time has passed since the Conference for me to be able to apply some of the ideas I “stole”.

Speed training:

The information presented in Speed Training was very useful and we can use it in our daily activity as librarian trainers and in our day-to-day usual tasks.”

I will use everything that was presented in Speed Training as well as some of the things presented in the Idea Fair.”

It would be nice to replicate Bogdan Grigore’s Improvisation session in our communities. Therefore, I have already started to think of some training sessions on improvisation and communication.

I will certainly use the tips and tricks presented in the Improvisation session, by Bogdan Grigore.

In my trainings, I will use many of the ideas expressed in their respective sessions by Nicu Zegheanu, Bogdan Grigore and Ovidiu Ana.”

I truly liked the 4 sessions: Training Needs Analysis, “Difficult” Participants, Improvisation and Stages of Evolution in interpersonal communication and despite the reduced time available, I still managed to see some things in a different perspective and to intend to act accordingly in my daily actions at my library.

I found the session focusing on “Difficult” Participants to be the most interesting and I will definitely use some of those ideas.

Speed Training sessions provided some very interesting ideas that I will use whenever possible.”

Following Nicu Zegheanu’s session, where we learned how one can adapt to everyday situations through improvisation, I will work on improving communication with fellow librarians in rural libraries.

The Improvisation session was highly entertaining and after further analysis I also found it to be rather useful. Improvisation is important in a trainer’s work because it often happens that we are faced with unforeseen situations and with “difficult” participants. These exercises will be useful for us as we would have some hands-on tips and tricks on our side. The session on Evolution in interpersonal communication was also very welcome. As a result, I could personally evaluate where I currently am as a librarian trainer and thus am able to make the necessary decisions for my professional and personal evolution in the future.”

The information in all four Speed Training sessions will be extremely valuable both in my activity at the library and in the trainings I will deliver as a part of the local Biblionet team.”

I will adapt in my trainings some of the techniques I experienced in the Improvisation session.”
I found Ovidiu Ana’s “Difficult” Participants session to be really interesting. I “stole” some strong ideas as to how better approach “difficult” participants. I also liked Bogdan Grigore’s Improvisation session. I will make sure I use some of those exercises in my trainings at the library. The Idea Fair was also a good opportunity for me to come across my colleagues’ training experience.
The results of Conference debates will definitely be adapted in our training sessions this year: we will more than certain come across “difficult” participants, we will need to be able to improvise in unforeseen situations and will need funding sources- therefore most of the information presented at the Conference will prove to have been quite useful.”

New ideas
I will apply some of the training techniques in my future trainings at the library.

All the ideas at the Idea Fair were relevant.

I will adopt the Conference format and adapt it when developing a new project outside my profession.

The way the Conference was organized is a true example of good practice that can be followed and adapted.”

I will organize my future trainings using some of the knowledge I learned at the Conference.

Each and every moment spent at the Conference surprised us with something new and I will try to remember and apply what I most liked.”

On Librarians’ day this year I plan to organize an activity similar to the Idea Fair so that librarians get the chance to exchange ideas. I could also hold at least two workshops on funding resources in order to provide my fellow librarians with useful information.

I liked the sessions where librarians could learn useful notions on funding resources, as well as on personal and professional growth.”

The Idea Fair will be one of the projects I will start at my library.”

New Training Sessions

Encouraging librarians in rural libraries to deliver training for their communities.

I heard some beautiful and inspiring stories about libraries in our country, I got to meet new people and to share experience. I will start new activities at my library, such as new trainings for other beneficiaries than senior people.”

Sources and Resources

Sources and Resources” was one of the topics that I would certainly be influenced by in my future actions.”

I already submitted applications to the financing opportunities presented at the Conference.”

Sources and Resources” was a session that brought much new, unknown information for us, thus I will heavily rely on that and also introduce it further to colleagues from libraries in my county, when we have our first professional meeting. Congratulations to those who came up with this initiative.

I will certainly try and take advantage of the financing sources available this year.”
I will try to apply for financing in favor of my library using the resources presented in the dedicated session.

I got the chance to identify some financing opportunities that I will hopefully be able to access in the future. Nonetheless, promotion is essential even for library services.

We got much useful information on financing that I hope to be able to adapt in my library work.”

The session on financing was both instructive and full of information. The talks we had with those who had already applied for funding allowed us to realize it is now possible to benefit from funding other than the state budget. I will follow the 2013 calendar of financing calls closely and definitely submit an application.

The identification and analysis of some funding sources depending on specific identified needs.

The techniques that were presented in Speed Training are a great part of our daily training work (TNA, “Difficult” Participants, Improvisation)

I will submit applications to funding sources as my fellow librarian trainers inspired me to do so many interesting things at my library.

Continuous Growth
It is always essential to grow, but keeping in mind that perfection belongs to God”, Nicu Zegheanu said, and this is also my purpose in life: to grow, both to my own benefit and to my trainees’. I’m also thinking of being even more aware of my professional behavior knowing that training DOES NOT HAPPEN FOR THE TRAINER, BUT FOR THE PARTICIPANT!

Each and every part of the Conference was important and has its very own place, just like a puzzle. I will definitely use all of that in the future so as to bring my contribution to sustaining training initiatives in Romanian public libraries. I have used and continue to use instruments of Training Needs Analysis in order to meet the expectations of community members. I have realized that improvisation is something I do on a daily basis; it is what helps me get over unexpected situations. I also have a different perspective on approaching “difficult” participants. I am thankful to all the Conference speakers for helping me grow on multiple levels. I have come to see myself differently and to realize that I still have so much to learn. It was great… I’m only just beginning.

I will do my best to see whether some of the ideas my colleagues shared can also be applied in my community. Nonetheless, the ideas that librarian trainers got to share with each other will certainly help me grow professionally so much so that I hope I will eventually become the Ultimate Supertrainer.”

Despite expecting to find out more on the future of libraries as training centers, I find the Conference to be one of high value. The ideas I heard are supportive of my strong belief that IT IS POSSIBLE for libraries to also be functional training centers and that we all should learn to better promote ourselves.

Debates on specific issues that a trainer can encounter in his activity were useful.

Identifying specific needs inside the community is what I intend to do.”

Volunteering at The Library
I’m thinking about bringing more volunteers around the actions at the library, as Conference debates allowed me to see how important volunteers can be when it comes to identifying and advocating for additional resources that are so necessary in various project.

“What do you think organizers should improve while preparing for the next Conference?”
Some participants did not have any suggestions on improvements.

Everything was close to perfection; therefore I have no improvements to suggest.

The organizers of this Conference are creative people who are not short on great ideas.”

However, here are some suggested lessons to be learned in perspective of the next event:
There should be more presentations by trainers, focusing on both achievements and failures in training. There is currently no list mentioning all the trainings that are available nationwide so that everyone in the community can have a look and ask for more details.”

More interaction between librarian trainers coming from different counties would allow them to share their own training experience, but also the results of their daily actions at the library.

Everything went by too fast! The Conference should span over at least two full days! Most people leave before the Conference gets to an end.”
It would be better to have the Conference during the fall, considering the difficulty in traveling in winter time.

Organizers should also invite trainers who have had nothing to do with Biblionet so far.”

I suggest involving librarian trainers as performers in Speed Training sessions.
More time dedicated to the Idea Fair.”



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